About VCL Nutrition

Established in 2011, Variety Creation Laboratory Nutrition, VCL Nutrition in short, all began with the sale of one single whey protein product, then rapidly grew with a comprehensive range of 30 products by the end of 2012.

The founder of VCL Nutrition is an avid sport fanatic ever since he was a child. He has been devoting himself to the fitness industry over the last decade, hence, meeting first-hand the many unique and different needs of health-conscious people. Most importantly, the founder understands the importance of nutritional supplement when it comes to human body building. With nowadays typical modern diets, nutrition deficiencies are very common among city-dwellers. VCL Nutrition, therefore, aims to offer a convenient yet nutritionally-balanced solution that complements its user’s fast-paced daily routine.

VCL Nutrition places utmost importance on its product quality. From the formulation, blending to storage, the whole product development process has been strictly monitored by quality assurance professionals with routine checks and inspections on a daily basis in accordance with the current principles of GMP. First-rate sports nutritional supplements, as a result, can be delivered with confidence.

VCL Nutrition also prides itself on its professional support and exceptional customer service. Each VCL Nutrition user is valued as a unique individual with different nutritional needs. With our personal approach, each user is guaranteed to make the most out of the supplement together with the right diet and exercise.

This is VCL nutrition, just for you.